Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Motorcycle Me

          I am so in love with boots its a crime.  I mean most girls die for shoes but my ultimate favorites are boots and living in Oregon (a puddle of a state) it fits that boots are my go to shoe! I have all sorts of boots, leather boots heeled boots, suede boots, lace up boots, ugg boots ( if you live in a rainy place and own a pair of uggs I recommend strongly buying the water proofing spray, it only costs $10 and its so worth it!) slip on boots, studded boots, boots that ARE comfy and boots that I WISH were comfy. But lately it seems that motorcycle boots and lace up booties have been attention grabbing. Not to mention they can be worn with a dress or skinny jeans! Which is all the more reason to buy a pair, the more versatile the more you need them I always say.

Here are some good motorcycle boots that aren't too expensive, plus there's a good sale going on right now!

Here are some floral booties I just adore! These booties are a bit harder to pull off, but if the outfit is put together the right way it will look amazing. These (as well as the moto boots) can be worn with tights and a dress or skinny jeans and a leather jacket. There really are unlimited possibilities.

The perfect example of toning down the roughness of the
black leather with a fairy summer dress!
Here are three great examples of motorcycle boots! 

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