Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's not raining men; It's just raining..

         I don't know about you but where I live there are about three hours in the whole day when it isn't raining (this may be an overstatement but it feels like just the opposite!). I can't say that I'm not used to it though. I love the rain and can't say that I'm not prepared for it, seeing as I grew up with this weather. Currently I'm wrapped up in a blanket with my flannel snowflake pajama pants on from Old Navy, drinking a nice warm cup of peppermint hot chocolate whilst blogging. I figured this was a golden opportunity to write about what to wear when you are absolutely freezing your butt off. Whether you're in your own home or wishing you were, here are some comfortable and stylish tips to staying cozy and cute in the (very slow and long) winter. First off, don't be afraid to layer. You would be surprised what a huge difference a simple camisole under your t-shirt or leggings under your jeans will do for you temperature wise. Next off, always wear a nice fleece sweatshirt or wool sweater underneath your thick winter coat. Finish with cute gloves, a fuzzy scarf, and if you think you can pull it off a fun hat! You'll look super fashionable and you'll feel smart for being nice and warm.
Cute boots and socks! 

Great army jacket! 
Incase you were missing a winter fashion statement I recommend bright colored winter boots! ( I love these red ones!)

Or if you really love the classic black boot go with a fun colored coat!

Stay cute. Stay cozy!

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