Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's vintage, wet and adorable?

    These suits! But since we haven't been able to buy these replicas for a while, I guess we'll have to settle with these almost identical ones, ohh and did I mention they have patterned suits now? And what's that mod cloth fairy? They're on sale now? Looks like your debit card has a date with the inter-web tonight! http://www.modcloth.com/shop/swimwear

Locally Grown

In Portland we're all about local, everyone wants everything they eat, drink or wear to be from Portland. Here is the hip new thing in Portland (purse wise of course)

Girly or Grungy?

(She gets points for the cute tights!) 
I'm seriously loving cutesy patterns and grunge leather. It's so Alice in Wonderland meets Alice Cooper. I've been looking through several pictures of the combination but like usual I'll only share my favorites. The angle of the first photograph is very hip, I really like the blurry out of focus effect as well.

I love the shortness of the dress paired with the long sleeved jacket, the polkadots are really fun and the biker jacket makes it look really tough and edgy.  
(The belt helps define proportion!) 

Sweater For Your Thoughts?

I am so in love with this sweater. I wish I could own it in every color, don't you? http://www.polyvore.com/vanessa_bruno_athé_crew_neck/thing?id=54773038
Nail art! Let's embrace the fact that sometimes plain red just doesn't cut it! If that's the case then add polka dots or flowers or hearts whatever you choose, may it be fabulous!

Fabulous Finds!

(excuse the reflection) 
Breaking news! Another trend to be fall ready is... *drum roll* OXFORDS! Yes, we did all see it coming but not like this. Recently Steve Madden put out a line of boyish oxfords that had a bit of a girly twist. I immediately rushed out to purchase my very own pair, of course. Another wonderful find, that was given to me by my grandmother is this adorable little black patent leather satchel. I cannot wait  until I can use it for a night on the town. Enjoy!
(This skirt was also given to me as a birthday present from my aunt, it's Paris) 

Do We Look Fat in This?

Yes, I know how cliche. I can't help but notice that it seems to be a recurring theme: Matching Couples! This particular couples outfit I didn't notice right off the bat, but later on I did in fact notice these dynamic duos are not the first to be spotted wearing very similar ensembles! I did some research and found out that the more time you spend with someone you are close too, the more traits you give and receive. For example speech patterns sometimes get effected but a lot of the time fashion is one of the first things to change. It changes based on what the two of you feel when you are together and how relaxed the relationship is, it also has a lot to do with knowing each other. I find this fascinating and will probably be posting more of this soon
Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 and ex-girlfriend, model  Anne Vyalitsyna 
This couple is quite the royal pair, wouldn't you say? 

Fall-ing into Fashion

While everyone is busy getting ready for school, I've been getting ready for the new fall trends! My personal favorites are pea coats, boots and of course dark vampy lip shades! The dark lip is very flattering and makes any outfit extra trendy, you could even wear it with your navy pea coat and boots. I know I will!