Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sometimes beauty comes first..

    I've decided since I've acquired so many wonderful products I would do a little review of each of them!

M.A.C Satin lipstick in REBEL:
          I have nothing bad to say about this product. I personally feel M.A.C products are very one sided, I mean this in the sense that if you like them you absolutely adore the life out of them and if you don't really like them you generally lean towards dislike rather than like. I love the shade of this color, since I have dark hair I know that darker lipsticks suit me better than a light pink one would. Again, that is just my personal preference. It does go on a bit lighter than it looks but it still looks marvelous. As far as the actual look of the packaging, I like the shape of the lipsticks from M.A.C because to me they look like bullets (keep in mind I have only ever seen a bullet on TV) but I think its super tough and badass. 

M.A.C Sheen Supreme lipstick in QUITE THE THING! : 
   I love this shade a lot because of two reasons; One, it can be worn by itself and look shimmery, colorful, and sophisticated, and two because it can be worn over another color (I suggest wearing it over REBEL) It goes on so smoothly and you don't have to worry about it smudging because for the most part its pretty translucent. The packaging, I think, is wonderful. This is the only Sheen Supreme by M.A.C that I own but I love the idea that the Sheen Supreme lipstick also has a very sheen and sleek  package. The only thing I dislike about this product is that I always have trouble getting it open, lord knows why. It might even be the specific one I purchased but it should be a bit looser.                                

ESOS chapstick in Blueberry (from the Alice in Wonderland Collection):
   I love ESOS. I think they are really cute and I like the color of them and shape of course, but occasionally I do have trouble figuring out what purse to use when I have these because of the amount of space they take up. (Kidding. Sorta)  I find that I am a chapstick addict, this means not only can I literally not go anywhere without my assortment of chapsticks (I probably have 5 in my purse as we speak). But this also means that as a chapstick addict you become very aware of how you feel about your chapstick. You want one thats smooth, but not too smooth that its waxy and you want it to look okay on not like those go awful chapsticks that make you look like all you do is lick your lips ( I could go on forever about all the crappy chapstick in this world). I think this particular brand is really good, I like the way it feels. But I feel like if I rely on this chapstick for the whole day I have to reapply it every 20 minutes because it doesn't stay on very well. Also after you use yours so much that you physically cannot get any more out, it feels like a waste because $2.98 for a chapstick feels like a lot sometimes. 

Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay:
   I love love love this eye shadow. I recommend this product 1000%. I use it every single day, there are so many beautiful colors that all look fabulous together (or apart). You can make a great nude look, a smokey eye, TONS of metallic looks and a million other choices ( may be slightly exaggerated). My personal favorites are; Tease, YDK, Chopper and Suspect. The colors in this palette are so unique, and pretty on their own. Not to mention together. I have to say that I loved the combo Blackout and Chopper made. The packaging is okay, the lid is heavier than the bottom is so it doesn't sit up by itself which annoys me continuously and the lid sticks  A LOT. Believe it or not when I'm closing it is when I encounter trouble. I like the way the metal looks but its a lot of work and it adds weight. The double sided brush it comes with is not my favorite mostly because I already have a brush I prefer but its also extremely prickly. 

I  will soon be posting a review of  some new nail polishes including OPI, Essie and Butter London!

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