Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's our turn Olivia Newton John! Step aside!

They're back!! High waisted skirts, jeans, shorts you name it! They are back and I am welcoming them with open arms! As we speak I am wearing High Rise BDG Urban Outfiters jeans. If you missed the 50% off sale, I am terribly sorry because it was a good one. My haul: 4 scoop neck patterned shirts for $2.50 a piece; 2 pairs of high waited jeans $5.50 a piece and the most radical wallet I have ever seen $2.50. If you did miss the sale have no fear! It will happen again!! Urban Outfiters has sales CONSTANTLY and usually they are very good ones!! If you want a day or two's notice before the grand sales follow them on Instagram! Not only do they tell you the day or two before the sale begins they also post adorable pics of upcoming photoshoots, nail-art ideas etc. I think you get the idea, you should follow them. (or me! I will post my Instagram in my 'about me')