Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hear that? It's SPRING!

     Break out your self-tanner, floral prints and sandals! It's spring in Oregon (FINALLY; it was 70 today that's a huge deal for Oregonians). I am proud to say that I managed to wear shorts today, for those of you who are dying to know the details they were pink and high waisted shorts. My new summer fab-faves. I'm starting that 'lingo' because I think it's cute but also because I have been watching A LOT of Awkward. and Tamara is just so darn cute. Actually Matty is the cute one, but who's counting.
  Anyways, I've decided that I'm going to try to blog a lot more and not just about fashion, I know thats what my blog is about but its more than that. So this Friday I'm going on a field trip with my French class to U of O. We're going to check out the campus and the language program. Up until 4th period today I had a cute springy outfit all planned out, then a friend notified me that wearing dresses in college was "weird" and "not normal". Which means that I have about 4 hours to decide what to wear. This won't be a challenge but there will definitely be 'requirements' for a college campus. I'll re-focus on this subject later.
   For now, I've made yet another decision about things to pack for my big news....


Before I found out I was getting to go I purchased some adorable shorts, swimsuits and of course dresses. I cannot wait to go to Indonesia. What a rush; Around the World in approximately nine and a half hours is what I would call my tale of Bali. But since I'll most likely only write about it here or on Facebook I don't quite think it merits that terrible joke as a name. In the words of Tamara "amaze-balls."

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