Friday, February 7, 2014

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways...

Currently when I look out my front window all see is 5 inches of snow. So in honor of the unexpected and not extremely wanted white blanket, I'm going to be sharing some weather ready outfits for those cold Winter days!
First off, you may not think a camisole does anything for you, but let me just tell you why you will love them! They help build layers to keep you feeling toasty, they look nice under regular shirts and they feel great under a warm sweater thats just a little scratchy! PLUS, they come in soooo many fun colors! Here's a great place to get some right now!

Secondly, sweaters! Sweaters are by far my favorite article of clothing. I live in sweaters, I'm wearing one right now! They are perfect for any type of Winter day! My personal criteria for a sweater is the following: it has to be warm, soft and usually oversized (But not always, depends on how punky I'm feeling. Which is usually very). Here are some of my favorites! Here's another! And another! SO MANY CHOICES!

Thirdly, the perfect accessories to match a great coat! Whether you're into parka's, down coats, pea coats or leather jackets you can always rock a cute scarf and hat! Personally I'm a huge fan of scarves, they are extremely cozy, fashionable and fun! Cotton scarfs are extra cute but if you're looking for one on the warmer side I suggest a woven knit scarf. I have one from Urban Outfitters and its the warmest thing I own! Plus it looks like a big fluffy marshmallow!

She's doing it right! I love the simplicity!
Still need some help putting these together? Not to worry! I'm here to help! Here are some of my favorite Winter styles!
Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't add fun colors!
I love love love this plaid and jeans jacket look! Its grungy but chic!

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